Texas Tech University

First-Year Student's Apparel Designs Chosen for New York Fashion Week

By: Glenys Young 

At age 18, Jillian Lenae Hackett is already an award-winning fashion designer.

Like every fall, thousands of first-year students arrive at Texas Tech University with big dreams. Some want to become standout athletes. Some want to conduct groundbreaking science. Some want to be prolific authors.

One student is already making her dreams a reality.

At just 18 years old, Jillian Lenae Hackett is an award-winning fashion designer whose work has been chosen for New York Fashion Week.

"Everyone tells me I'm mature for my age, and I handle myself more like older adults," Hackett said. "And I understand. I'm not going to be like, 'No, I'm just a normal teenager!' I try to be professional because I know the earlier you handle yourself in a professional manner, the more doors will open for you."

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