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New Faculty Research Orientation Dec. 5 Helps Faculty Maximize Resources

December 3, 2019 | By: Karen Michael 

Are you new to the Texas Tech University faculty?

Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the many new responsibilities of class preparation, committee assignments, and other duties as a faculty member. Let's toss research into the mix – do you understand all the rules for research at Texas Tech, and more importantly – do you know where to go for help?

Perhaps a brief overview of what you need to know to stay out of trouble and to maximize the resources available would be helpful. If you feel like this – or if you've been here a few years even and would like to know what help is available – you can attend the New Faculty Research Orientation at 9 a.m. on Dec. 5 in room 120 of the Experimental Sciences Building I. The session will last about two and a half hours.

Colette Solpietro, the senior unit assistant director for the Office of Research Services, said the orientation scratches the surface of what researchers need to know, but they will come out of the meeting with an idea of where to start, and more importantly, who to ask for help.

"It's going to help take the guesswork out. It's going to help them be more confident that they are able to write grant proposals and that they know who they can talk to for help. And most importantly, I think to know that they're not alone. They have a great team of professionals behind them who are willing to help them out," Solpietro said.

When faculty members leave, they will know more about who they need to work with as they start research, what role the Office of Research Development and Communications plays, what role the Office of Research Services plays, and what resources faculty have at their disposal, such as grant editors and a graphics designer. The researchers will also learn about the Cayuse Research Suite, which Texas Tech uses to track externally sponsored proposal and award activity, facilitate submissions to sponsor systems, and store proposal and award information.

Faculty members will also receive a packet of information that they can take back to their offices to use as a reference later.

"They definitely leave with names and contact information of who they need to talk to if they have a question," Solpietro said.

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