Texas Tech University

Faculty Ambassador

Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang

Dr. Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Retail Management at Texas Tech University. Her research program primarily focuses on consumer well-being and fashion innovation. Three key areas of her research include 1) social psychology of fashion, 2) innovative fashion technologies, and 3) sustainability. In terms of the social psychology of fashion, she investigated the meaning and therapeutic effects of clothing for consumers including children in foster homes, individuals with Alzheimer’s, and older adults. With her research about innovative fashion/retail technology, she is exploring the innovative way to solve fit issues for fashion industries and consumers by interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as developing the application of advanced technologies for fashion/retail education. Regarding sustainability research, it is to build a sustainable and ethical culture for consumer well-being. She loves to teach her students in an innovative way for them to build the entrepreneurial mindset.