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TTU Accelerator Cohort # 5!


We would like to congratulate our 2021-2022 TTU Accelerator Cohort! 

The following have access to funding support, $25,000 grants, co-working space, and mentors during the yearlong process. You are invited to the virtual TTU Accelerator Graduation & Ribbon Cutting to hear from the six graduating companies from Cohort # 4 share their journey in the program and lessons learned.  Cohort # 5 will give their
60-second elevator pitches as we welcome them into the program. 

Virtual TTU Accelerator Graduation & Ribbon Cutting
April 16th, 2021
Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm
Location: Zoom(link will be provided after RSVP is received)


Business Planning System | BPS protects the relationship between entrepreneurs and the entities that finance their businesses by reducing unrealistic entrepreneur expectations and the contentious denial of financing conversations that accompany those expectations.

Team: Tracy Shea & Mark Nair 

CIPDAR | CIPDAR (Culturally Informed Pain Diagnosis and Relief) is a company with a novel medical diagnostic technology that provides pain assessment and management that is easily accessible to linguistically and culturally diverse patients.

Team: Shinye Kim, Hannah Yoo & Nguyen Nguyen 

Ogallala Greens | A modern hydroponic technology to produce the tastiest produce in Texas.

Team: Cory Roof

QRS 3D | The QRS 3D printer allows for the rapid 3d printing of strong and durable parts for managers who strive to reduce downtime on-field operations.

Team: Cynthia Sangang & Jenny Qui

Surgic | Surgic is the next major step in medical education technology for future healthcare providers and academic institutions.

Team: Travis Reiss, Paul Egan, Kyle Fenn, Arham Siddiqui, & Chris Ackerman

Think It Through | Think It Through is a company creating a digital service for longitudinal assessment of clinical medical education.

Team: John Ciubuc & Sarah Kiani 

Twine | Marketplace for professional academic collaboration.

Team: Bogdan Olevskyi & Iryna Konopkina


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