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NAI Texas Tech University System Chapter

dinnerIf you have at least one issued U.S. patent,
then you are eligible to be honored as a Member of the NAI by our local chapter. 
If you have a provisional patent, or a published patent application, then we will list you as an Associate Member, with the intention of advancing you to Membership once your patent awards. 

All Texas Tech University System students, employees, faculty members, and affiliates who meet the requirements above are strongly encouraged to apply.  Affiliates include those in companies that collaborate with Texas Tech University System, including employees of UMC, TTU-affiliated Agrilife Extension, employees of TTUS-collaborating companies through the Innovation Hub, Reese, or by contract to a TTUS university, companies that have licensed TTUS intellectual property, or members of public-private partnerships with TTUS.

Regular Members are inventors who hold at least one issued U.S. patent.

Red Raider Inventors are inventors with at least three issued patents and at least one commercialization / licensing deal

Associate Members are soon-to-be inventors who have a provisional patent, or a published patent application

Member and Red Raider Inventor benefits include:

  • NAI Certificate of Membership
  • NAI Official Lapel Pin
  • The ability to hold leadership positions within the TTUS Chapter as a Chapter Officer or Executive member
  • Member discount at NAI annual meetings
  • Opportunity to receive special recognition for work in various NAI publications including: 
    • The NAI Journal
    • Presentations and national press releases
    • Exclusive news and updates from the NAI sent directly to your email

High Honors within the NAI

The TTUS Chapter rarely conveys Honorary Membership.  Honorary Members are community leaders who support the invention and entrepreneurial process profoundly throughout Texas Tech University System, and/or nationally.  No individual patent activity is required to be named as an Honorary Member.

Fellowship is a rare honor conveyed by NAI nationally (not at the chapter level) for highly accomplished inventors. Fellows on average hold over 20 awarded patents, and have multiple licensing deals. Many Fellows are also Fellows in other professional societies and the other National Academies, and many hold high prizes, including the Nobel Prize. For more information, and to nominate an inventor for Fellowship, please visit: http://www.academyofinventors.org

Apply below for recognition as an Associate Member, Member, or Red Raider Inventor by Friday, April 13th at 12:00pm to be eligible for recognition at our 2018 Banquet. The NAI Awards banquet will be held on April 24th, 2018 at 6pm at the Ranching Heritage Center.   

Once patents are verified, an invitation will be sent with a photo request for viewing at the banquet.

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