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Hub Camp


Your Roadmap to a Stellar Business Plan! 

Once you have an idea and you are ready to understand how your idea can make money, Hub Camp is the next step. A clear road map is necessary if you are going to
launch your startup.Hub Camp is broken into two sessions, Hub Camp 1 and Hub Camp 2. Each session will be offered once a month and will cover different modules to help prepare you to write a successful business plan. All attendees will be provided with a business plan template and access to our expert mentors.

Hub Camp 1: Marketing, Operations, and Financial Overview
Dates offered: September 23rd, October 7th, & November 2nd

       Hub Camp 2: Executive Summary, Strategy, and Funding Models
Dates Offered: September 12th, October 3rd, & November 14th

Attendees can take these sessions in any order and as many times as needed. All Hub Camps are FREE and open to the public. Lunch is included.  For more detailed event information click here