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Faculty Innovate Program

roger dannenbergSpark Conference Keynote Speaker
Roger Dannenberg, Carnegie Mellon University
April 23rd, 2018 
6pm-7:30pm at the School of Music Hemmle Hall

The Faculty Impact Program is funded to support faculty and staff who have an interest in learning about commercialization and innovation. The seminar will bring in peer colleagues from the best Universities in the world who commercialize technology and or participate in startups. To launch this program, we are bringing Roger Dannenberg from Carnegie Mellon University.  Roger will be featured as the 2018 Spark Conference Keynote Speaker. He will provide a talk and performance and the event is free and open to the public.

Roger B. Dannenberg is a Senior Research Computer Scientist on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science, where he received a Ph.D. in 1982. He is internationally known for his research in the field of computer music. His current work includes research on computer accompaniment of live musicians, interactive media, high-level languages for sound synthesis, and computer support of curriculum design. Dr. Dannenberg sometimes poses as a trumpet player and composer, and he has performed in concert halls ranging from the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem to the modern Espace de Projection at IRCAM in Paris. His most recent musical efforts involve real-time computer graphics and computer music systems that interact with live musicians. He is also the co-creator of Audacity, the multi-track audio editor and recorder software. 

2018 Spark Conference Keynote Address

Date: April 23rd, 2018
Time: 6pm-7:30pm
Location: TTU School of Music, Hemmle Hall
             2624 18th St.
             Lubbock, TX 79409


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