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Tail Gate Express


Tailgate Express began in 2012 when John English, a senior at Texas Tech, noticed a need for a tailgating service at Texas Tech University football games. With thousands of fans outside the stadium in an unorganized and chaotic environment, the hassle of getting supplies in and out was a real problem. John knew a tailgate delivery service was the solution. Whether it was confidence in the business model or just an overwhelming adrenaline rush, he woke up the next morning, went to FedEx, and printed off 500 business cards: “Tailgate Express; John English; 806-789-7085.”

The next Saturday, a tailgate party asked if we could supply TVs and Satellite TV service. Without thinking twice, John said “Sure, no problem!”, rushed to his house, and yanked the two TV's he owned off the wall. By the following Saturday, Tailgate Express was providing satellite TV service at several tailgate locations. By year two, we were providing full service tailgate parties at TTU, Cowboys Stadium, and TCU. This included complete setup and teardown of tailgate locations all while renting out tents, TV's, speaker systems, generators, tables, and chairs. Tailgate Express has since partnered with multiple catering companies to develop a full service tailgating model that provides fans a stress-free way to enjoy their college football game day experience.

Founder - John English