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Gap Peptides, LLC


GAP Peptides, LLC is poised to transform peptide synthesis for the 21st century. Commercializing a novel technology developed at Texas Tech, we achieve sustainable, game-changing efficiencies in peptide manufacturing by reducing production cycle times; reducing waste; reducing raw material costs; reducing resource consumption; while improving yields and maintaining the highest quality and purity standards required for safety and efficacy.

GAP Peptides manufactures custom synthetic peptides and amino acids. Our buyers range from research scientists to bio-tech formulators and contract manufacturers globally. We can scale delivery from academic labs to commercial providers researching, developing, and distributing peptide-based products across the health and wellness industry.

Our mission is clear - to enable and support the adoption of GAP Peptide synthesis - allowing customers to develop and bring their products to market faster and more affordably than ever before.

Founder - Caroline Brooks