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Reproductive Solutions, Inc.


Male Infertility is a global problem with sperm counts falling 59.3% over the last 4 decades and continuing to fall. The large percentage drop is largely a product of 60% declines in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In the United States, 6,000,000 couples face this very stressful situation, with 4.6 million fertility treatment cycles performed annually, for which there is no insurance coverage. In 50% of the cases the problem will be with the male and until now, very little help has been available. ProteX, Reproductive Solutions' patented collection device and process will change things, substantially increasing the viability of the semen collected.

When we see ProteX…we see…a simple solution to a major problem…
When we think of ProteX…we think of…bringing HOPE, a cup at a time, and the PROMISE OF LIFE BEGINNING to millions of infertile couples.

Founder - John Smothers