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Applications open on August 1st, 2022!

Texas Tech University has partnered with Market Lubbock, Inc. to establish the Presidents' Startup Innovation Award. The objectives of the grant from Market Lubbock include 1) programs for students and entrepreneurs; 2) seed-stage funding for startups; and 3) seed grants for startups to support equipment and rental expense at the Innovation Hub at Research Park (Hub).

A committee of TTUS faculty, Hub staff, and TTUS facility staff determine the top applicant startups that exemplify innovation and commercialization. The committee will review applicant budgets and make a recommendation that may or may not be reflective of the budget submitted in the application. Final decisions for awards are made by the TTU President and TTUHSC President.

The awardees of this prestigious Presidential grant will be announced in February 2022. Here are four awards by each President in the following categories:  

1- $25,000 award
1- $15,000 award
2- $5,000 awards or 1- $10,000 award

The lease contract for these awards will begin in February and run through the calendar year.

Grant Eligibility: All TTUS students, faculty, and staff are eligible. All community members are eligible. All applicants must have formed a company to be considered for the award. If you need help on how to start a company, contact TTU SBDC or follow the steps here: How do I start a company?

Prior awardees of the PISA grant are ineligible to submit unless the application is for a different startup company.

Fall 2020 Awardees

Texas Tech University President's Awards

EviroTECH, LLC: A company that integrates electrochemical technology and biomedical engineering to combat infections and viral transmitted diseases including COVID-19.
CTO Founder – Gerardine Botte
$25,000 awarded

Captivist, LLC: A research and advisory firm creating a mobile application providing customers detailed information to make informed purchasing decisions pertaining to the quality, environmental and sociological health of a product.
CEO Founder – Joyous Njoku
$10,000 awarded

CritiColl, LLC: An application that provides a stress-saving platform for professors with tools to promote academic success for students.
CEO Founder – Matheus Pagotti
$5,000 awarded

TTUHSC President's Awards

Surgic, LLC: The next major step in medical education technology for future health care providers and academic institutions.
CEO Founder – Travis Reiss
$25,000 awarded

Culturally Informed Pain Diagnosis and Relief (CIPDAR): A company that develops digital health diagnostic technology, providing a multilingual, multimodal and multidimensional pain assessment and management tool that is easily accessible to patients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, especially those with low English proficiency.
CEO Founder – Shin Ye Kim
$15,000 awarded

Business Planning System (BPS): A company changing the way business plans are written to obtain financing for early-stage bio-medical startups with limited financial and business experience.
CEO Founder – Tracy Shea
$10,000 awarded

Kimberly Gramm
Associate Vice President of Innovation & Entrepreneurship