Texas Tech University

Innovation Hub

2021 iLaunch Winners



1st Place

HiPR Innovation, Inc. | HiPR innovates devices to prevent pressure ulcers. 

Team Lead: Harikishan Sachdev, TTUHSC Student 

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2nd Place

StarKrug | A multi-layered temperature-sensitive sticker which changes color to indicate when an insulin vial has gone bad. 

Team Lead: Baxter Krug, TTU Student 

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3rd Place

Vofspace | Vofspace consolidates virtual meeting space, scheduling, payment collections, and client communications into a single dashboard.  

Team Lead: Joshua Wood, Community Entrepreneur 

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Peoples Choice Award

3 CulinaryMed Docs | An electronic repository of various culinary medicine education videos created by registered dietitians to assist people with an acute or chronic disease to improve their diet quality and overall health. 

Team Lead: Shannon Galyean, TTU Faculty 

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