Texas Tech University

Innovation Hub

iLaunch Competition

  2021 Winners

November 19th, 2021! 

Applications are open from August 1st- October 24th, 2021! 


Application Requirements, At-A-Glance

  • Executive Summary Narrative (3 page max)
  • A one-minute elevator pitch video
  • A pitch (presentation) deck based on the competition rules and guidelines
  • Completed Business Model Canvas 
  • All finalist are REQUIRED to attend Pitch Scrubs and Tech Check Day 

How to Get Started

To get started, an important first step is to establish one member of the team as a dependable startup "captain" to manage all communications and logistics for the company and correspondence with Hub staff.

Step 1:   Fill out the the Inquiry Form to create a profile in IncuTrack.  If you have done this for a previous program and have a IncuTrack login already, you can you skip this step. If you have not done this yet, this is required before you can fully complete the application process. 


Step 2:

Attend Hub Camp to learn more about the Business Model Canvas and best practices for a competitive application. You will also be connected to iTTU mentors that can help perfect your pitch!

Step 3:

  1. Apply, Print, and Review rules and guidelines
  2. Apply
    1. Upload Requirements: resume of CEO/Team Captain, executive summary, presentation/pitch deck, Business Model Canvas, and URL video link
  3. Download templates and meet a Hub mentor/advisor

Step 4:

Idea Competition- Upload your one-minute video to apply for the Idea Competition. First Place is awarded $2,000, 2nd place $1,000, and 3rd place $500. 


iLaunch Rules


Business Model Canvas

Presentation Deck

Taysha Williams
Ideation Program Director

Pitch Video Sample 1

Pitch Video Sample 2

2020 iLaunch Competition Photos