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Prototype Fund Applications Open Spring 2023!   

The Texas Tech Innovation Hub has partnered with the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance to establish the Prototype Fund in order to further the development of start-ups participating in Innovation Hub programs.

The objectives of the fund are the following:

  • Accelerate the development of a prototype for technology startups
  • To assist TTU faculty, community, and students in furthering IP development as a result of the NSF I-Corps recommendations
  • To develop an MVP as a current or past participant in any Innovation Hub Programs
  • To bridge the validation of technology in SBIR/STTR currently funded or newly submitted proposals

Awards will be given in any one of the  following categories: 

  • $5,000 award
  • $10,000 award
  • $15,000 award
  • $25,000 award

Budget detail should include specific milestones and timeline for grant funding in ONE of the above award increments. Applications exceeding a 1-year timeline will be ineligible. 

Application Process

Our application process is straighforward but thorough, as we want to ensure that we obtain all the information we need to assit you the best way possible.  

Step One:   Fill out the the Inquiry Form if you have not already done so previously.


Step Two: 

Click below for rubric with guidelines for proposal, and application portal.


Participants will need to submit the following: 

  • 3 Page Narrative (view rubric for content)
  • Upload Budget (INDICATE IF: $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000 AWARD APPLICATION)
  • Specific timeline achievement for Prototype Grant deliverables 
  • Biosketch or Resume of PI/CEO



2021 Awardees

Surgic, LLC: Surgic aims to develop technologies that provide transformative experiences in medical education.
Team – Paul Egan, Travis Reiss, Kyle Fenn & Christopher Ackerman 
$25,000 awarded

Envirostatus, LLC: Passive Sampling Services for Environmental Monitoring
Team – Magdalena Rakowska, Balaji Anandha Rao & Danny Reible 
$25,000 awarded

Advanced Codex Solutions, LLC: A non-invasive, low cost, and mobile diagnostic tool for the early detection of both Melanoma and Buruli ulcer disease.
Team – Courtney Queen, George Zouridakis & Tarun Wadhawan
$25,000 awarded

Buclid, LLC: Medical education software for longitudinal assessment of medical students.
Team – Sarah Kiani, Hassan Khalid & John Ciubuc
$15,000 awarded

3 CulinaryMed Docs, LLC: An electronic repository of various culinary medicine education videos created by registered dietitians to assist people with an acute or chronic disease to improve their diet quality and overall health.
Team – Allison Childress, Shannon Galyean & Michelle Alcorn
$10,000 awarded

ALVMAT: A portable, low energy, low cost, “Smart Breathing Window”, that can automatically detect indoor-outdoor air conditions and can initiate air exchanges to ensure Indoor Air Quality.
Team – Wei Li & Shakil Shimul
$10,000 awarded

SmartMate Solutions, LLC: A solution to reduce the risk of patient falls at hospitals and other healthcare settings.
Team – Debajyoti Pati, James Yang, John Harry (TTU Faculty) & Seyedehnastaran Hashemi
$8,750 awarded

HiPr Innovation, Inc: HiPR innovates devices to prevent pressure ulcers.
Team – Harikishan Sachdev
$7,800 awarded

Aeonian Xai, LLC: Aeonian Xai is the alien of the cosmetic industry that creates one-of-a-kind applicators that provide simplicity and convenience for our customers.
Team – Sylvia Kuperaza
$5,000 awarded

Staycite, Inc: Marketplace for professional academic collaboration.
Team – Bogdan Olevskyi & Iryna Konopkina
$5,000 awarded

Ganga Baskar
Commercialization Program Director