Texas Tech University

End of the Project

Once funding for a project ends, the principal investigator (PI) is required to submit any final technical reports that may be required by the sponsor. You are not required to supply this report to the Office of Research Services (ORS), but a copy for the files is appreciated.

The fiscal closeout of the award will be coordinated by Accounting Services (AS). A PI will receive preliminary notifications of ending awards from AS, which includes a helpful checklist of items for consideration. The PI should review the preliminary document to ensure accurate reporting of project expenses.

Research Outcomes

Texas Tech has policies and procedures in place to manage the results and knowledge generated by research.

All equipment and supplies purchased with project funds are the property of Texas Tech unless award documents state title vests with the federal government. All data, computer programs, culture collections, etc. produced during the project belong to Texas Tech.

Data Rights

Original data produced by the research project are owned by the university. This includes any information recorded in any form by the researcher or anyone working on the project, technical data, software code, flow charts, laboratory books, DNA sequences, viruses, cell lines, etc. The PI, along with the university, is responsible for the retention and appropriate dissemination of the data. The project sponsor also may have an impact on what is done with the data.

While the university owns the data, the PI has the right to publish the data and is encouraged to do so by the university. The PI is responsible for knowing if the funding agreement with the sponsor has any limits on or special requirements for publication. If patent protection is sought, this could result in a slight delay in publication.

Intellectual Property

All federal contracts and all National Institutes of Health grants require a discoveries and inventions report at the end of the project period, regardless of whether any discovery has been disclosed or an invention filed. The report must be submitted on behalf of Texas Tech University. AS will assist with completing the report and will submit required forms. Please contact Accounting Services at ora@ttu.edu.

Intellectual property is intangible property such as ideas, expressions, formulas, or any other creation of the mind. Intellectual property, like tangible real or personal property, may be bought, sold, or leased.

All patents and some copyrighted material resulting from research conducted by faculty, staff and students, belongs to the university. While the Texas Tech University System has an ownership interest in intellectual property, the individual researcher can profit according to a schedule of royalty payments established by Texas Tech Operating Policy 74.04.


At Texas Tech the Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) works with faculty to identify intellectual property for patenting and or licensing.

It is advised that a researcher meet with ORC several months prior to public disclosure in a journal article or conference presentation to prevent loss of potential patent rights.

Please include Amy Cook, managing director of the Office of Research Services, on communications with ORC that involve sponsored projects.

Financial Closeout

Accounting Services facilitates the financial closeout of sponsored projects in the Banner Finance system, the submission of all final non-technical reports, and final accounts receivable collections with external sponsors. Investigators should complete the closeout checklist which assists with a final administrative review of overall project expenses.