Texas Tech University

Proposal Submission

The Office of Research Services (ORS) provides centralized administrative and management services for sponsored projects. All sponsored projects applications are submitted by ORS.

ORS uses the Cayuse 424 electronic proposal submission system and the Cayuse SP system for electronic approvals. Cayuse provides streamlined internal routing and approval of proposals, facilitates submission to sponsor systems, tracks research proposals and award activity, and stores proposal and award documents. A series of training videos are available to help researchers understand how to use Cayuse. Training also is available for Cayuse SP. For questions, please see your ORS proposal staff person.


If a pre-proposal is required, it should be received by ORS at least five (5) business days prior to the sponsor deadline.

Electronic routing of pre-proposals is optional if the pre-proposal contains no budget. Pre-proposal routing will consist of a completed internal processing form, which is found in Cayuse SP. The internal processing form should NOT be submitted for approval unless a budget is submitted or cost sharing is proposed.

Electronic Proposal Submission

Proposals submitted electronically using the Cayuse 424 system should use the electronic routing option available in Cayuse SP

Proposals submitted through other electronic systems must be routed electronically. In order to route electronically, PIs will need to enter proposal information into Cayuse SP even though the proposal will be submitted using a different mechanism.

Please check with your proposal analyst before routing your proposal; they can answer any questions you may have and assist you in the process.

Faculty Assistance

The Office of Research Services has made staff assignments for each department, center and institute to assist researchers in preparing budgets as well as checking the final proposal for completeness and compliance with university and sponsor guidelines.

Limited Submission Proposals

Some sponsors limit the number of proposals that will be accepted from an institution. A proposal RFP will state specifically if it limits the number of submissions. Texas Tech manages all limited submissions through the OR&I. When a limit is imposed, the university will require a notice of intent from those interested in submitting a proposal in response to that particular request for proposal (RFP). If more notices are received than the institutional limit allows, an internal competition will be held. As with all proposals for sponsored projects, proposals for limited submission programs are not authorized to leave the university without review and institution approval from ORS.

Proposal Submission – ORS Deadlines

Proposals must be submitted to the office five (5) working days before the proposal deadline to ensure adequate time for a thorough review of proposals for compliance to university and sponsor regulations and to double check the budget for accuracy. ORS will submit all proposals.

Late Submissions

A proposal submitted to ORS after the applicable date (5 business days before the sponsor deadline) will be considered a late submission. ORS will make every effort to process late submissions, but there may not be time for an adequate review. If an award is made based on a late submission of a proposal signed by the college, school, department, and/or campus leadership, that unit will be responsible to cover costs incurred by TTU as a result of proposal errors. Such costs might include cost sharing commitments, or unallowable commitments of TTU resources.

Coordination with Campus Committees

On the Internal Processing Form and in the Cayuse routing system, you must indicate if your proposal involves: human subjects, animal use, radiation or biohazards or recombinant DNA or explosives. If so, you will need to submit your proposal to the appropriate campus committee for authorization. If you indicate that approval is pending as of proposal submission, you will receive a reminder letter from ORS to obtain such approval. ORS also generates a listing which alerts the appropriate committee that your proposal requires review. The campus committee will notify you and ORS of its approval, once it has been obtained. As required, ORS will forward the notification to the potential sponsor. Information regarding approvals also is entered into a proposal database.

It is important to note that Texas Tech may have different human subjects and animal use policies and procedures than your previous institution. Please contact the appropriate office before submitting a grant proposal.

Accounts will not be set up until all compliance approvals have been received.

Award File Maintenance

Once a proposal has been submitted to the sponsor, ORS retains a complete electronic copy. Acknowledgment of receipt from a sponsor or any further correspondence will be housed electrically. In addition, a computer record will be generated with this information. The record will become part of the proposal database, which is used to generate monthly reports of all proposals and grant activity on campus. Once an award is pending, the complete file will be printed and stored in ORS.


While technical negotiations are always conducted with the PI, business, financial and administrative negotiations are conducted with ORS, the office authorized to negotiate on behalf of the university. The PI will be involved and informed of any negotiations, and no decisions will be made without full disclosure to and concurrence of the PI.

Award Acceptance

Individual faculty members, department chairs and/or deans are not authorized to sign sponsored project agreements on behalf of Texas Tech. Award documents take many forms depending upon the type of agency and project. ORS is responsible for award document processing and assigns the highest priority to these actions. PIs should contact ORS if a sponsor asked for revised budget figures.