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big issues need big solutions

From local challenges like the resilience of rural America to global threats from climate change, Texas Tech researchers are exploring ways to make our world a better place. 

Investing in the Future

Texas Tech will hire 35-40 additional faculty through a Strategic Investment Process with the goal of maximizing the impact of research and creative endeavors of the university.

The Strategic Investment Process is open to all disciplines and colleges and is focused on finding the best ideas on campus, regardless of the field of study.


Research Initiatives



Achieving Climate Resilience

How we solve the climate challenges we face in West Texas can help shape how scientists respond around the world.

Located in West Texas, we have the capability to serve as a testbed for others in similar climates around the world. 

Texas Tech is in a unique position to study extreme weather conditions, water supply and use, and agriculture in a semi-arid climate, ever-changing due to climate change.

Climate Resilience Research

Powering Our Future 

A sustainable energy future requires a comprehensive approach from fossil fuels to renewables.

Powering Our Future is a holistic energy approach to reducing impacts on several critical areas, including climate, rural populations, and health. It seeks advanced solutions that interface with next generation energy systems demands.

Cost-effective solutions will be developed to achieve a prosperous and sustainable future, which will inform future policies, as well as industry practices. Powering Our Future will educate, train, and develop the next generation of scientists and engineers who will tackle energy challenges.

Energy Research



Advancing One Health

Multidisciplinary & transdisciplinary One Health research educates, trains and develops the next generation of a diverse workforce.

TTU One Health focuses on solution-oriented research in: wildlife and disease modeling; chronic disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment; mitigation of pathogens and antimicrobial drug resistance in food systems; and assessing environmental effects on the health of humans, animals and plants. One Health research drives science-based recommendations, policy decisions and translational research.

One Health Research



THRIVE! Rural America 

THRIVE! Rural America supports and celebrates the diversity and resilience of rural areas and their people through scientific discoveries and innovation.

This research enhances the existing community and infrastructure by integrating best practices, diversification of approaches, new technology, and resources to bolster leadership, economic diversification, and workforce retention.

Rural Resilience Research