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big issues need big solutions

From local challenges like the resilience of rural America to global threats from climate change, Texas Tech researchers are exploring ways to make our world a better place. 

Investing in the Future

Texas Tech will invest Texas University Funds to enhance opportunities for research and scholarly excellence. 

  • 40% New Faculty Salaries & Startup
  • 25% Equipment & Core Facilities
  • 25% Research Support Services & Facilities
  • 10% Faculty Retention & Career Advancement


Research Themes



Achieving Climate Resilience

Semi-arid West Texas is the perfect living laboratory to study climate conditions that face communities around the world. Texas Tech researchers are developing drought-tolerant crops, water treatment and conservation technologies, and more to ensure communities continue to thrive in the face of extreme weather events. 

Climate Resilience Research

Powering Our Future

A sustainable energy future requires a comprehensive approach: from fossil fuels to renewables.   

Powering Our Future is a holistic energy approach that advances cost-effective solutions that interface with next-generation energy systems demands. Texas Tech researchers are working towards energy independence for the state of Texas.

Energy Research



Advancing One Health

The health of people, animals, and the environment is intertwined. A health hazard for people may likely be a health hazard for animals. The health of animals, whether livestock or pets, plays an integral role in the health of humans. And a change in the environment can affect all living things, from people to animals to plants. Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center are building bridges between physicians, veterinarians, environmental scientists, engineers, nutritionists and public health professionals to improve and defend the health and well-being of all species. 

One Health Research



THRIVE! Investing in our communities 

Here in West Texas, we see firsthand the successes and struggles of both rural and urban communities. Texas Tech researchers from science, technology, education, innovation, and health work to create dynamic impacts that reach beyond our university and our region. These efforts require collaboration between the Texas Tech University system and local communities, civic organizations, and industry leaders in order for all of us to succeed. 

Community Resilience Research



Strengthening national security

The nation's energy grids, communications networks, healthcare systems, and other critical infrastructures are increasingly at risk of being vulnerable to attacks by our nation's adversaries. Texas Tech researchers are working to protect our national security, economic prosperity, and social stability with advancements in cyber-physical systems security through both cyber and hardware-based interventions.  

National Security Research