Texas Tech University

Transdisciplinary Research Academy

The aim of the Texas Tech University Transdisciplinary Research Academy (TTUTRA) is to promote excellence in research that brings together methods, data, theory, and information from more than one discipline, which is vital to advancing knowledge and solving practical problems. The TRA provides seed funding to stimulate this type of research with the aim of building sustainable partnerships and collaborative research, and promulgating transdisciplinary activities in education and outreach.

Teams are encouraged to propose research that builds on the research initiatives of TTU, grand challenges, or to develop strength in a new area that has potential for external funding. Although the PI must be from TTU, teams are encouraged to collaborate with faculty at other campuses in the TTU System. Individual faculty who wish to be part of the TRA but who are not part of a team may send a request and summary of research interests to the OR&I who will make an attempt to identify potential team members.

Academy Teams are expected to (a) submit a minimum of 1 grant proposal to an external funding agency, (b) present team, goals and plans at the inauguration meeting of academy members (c) participate in the TRA during their years of funding (by attending any scheduled TRA events, provide deliverables reports, share the TRA mission, etc.) (d) participate in activities that enhance the TRA, (e) assist other faculty who are interested in engaging in transdisciplinary research and grant proposals, and to (f) promote transdisciplinary research activities across campus.

Examples of Supported Activities

  • Collection of pilot data for a transdisciplinary research projects that will lead to an external funding proposal (e.g., NSF Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative)
  • Travel to agencies and foundations to discuss potential funding of novel areas of transdisciplinary research
  • Development of partnerships with industry to pursue solutions to practical problems or to develop innovative products or services that require transdisciplinary expertise.
  • Student support
  • The Application Process
  • Applications will be submitted by teams. As part of the application, the Department Chair and College Dean will need to approve the team nomination. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • At least two disciplines are represented on the team
  • Overall quality of proposal
  • Each individual team member represents an integral component of the transdisciplinary effort and contributes significantly to the overall effort
  • Potential to develop novel transdisciplinary research (e.g., see NSF) that will lead to a competitive proposal for external funding
  • Sustainability of collaborative research among team members
  • Commitment to promoting transdisciplinary research at TTU
  • Commitment to participate in TRA events, such as inaugural meetings and any other activities to be scheduled

The deadline for applications was February 29, 2016.

Applications were reviewed by a committee appointed by the OR&I.

Applications must include:

  • Team Name
  • Team members: (Name, colleges, departments, contact information, and CV) Description of specific roles, activities, and percent effort of each team member (250 words)
  • Funding agencies and mechanisms (e.g., RFP) to which a team proposal will be submitted. Include URL or other information that may be available.
  • Research proposal including rationale, significance, goals, methods and outcomes (1000 words)
  • Description of existing transdisciplinary activities of team members and team as a whole (250 words)
  • Description of how team activities will enhance research mission of Texas Tech University, ties into TTU strategic themes, or builds new strengths (500 words)
  • Description of how research collaboration will be sustained (250 words)
  • Budget Description of how funding will be used (250 words). Budget Narrative should be included in your proposal; this item is for line items and specific expenditures the team is requesting. Please note, budget is subject to be altered or reduced as needed.

Questions about nomination and selection should be emailed to proposals.vpr@ttu.edu.


Transdisciplinary Research Academy Announcements

  • Meet the 2016-2017 Academy Team Members
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  • 2012 Transdisciplinary Academy Members
    The Transdisciplinary Research Academy chose 34 members to represent the 2012 inaugural class. The members make up nine teams expected to generate new research projects for potential funding, write white papers for agencies and foundations, or develop curricula or programs that produce interaction across academic disciplines. Meet the teams.