Texas Tech University

2016-2017 Academy Team Members and Projects

Pulmonary Enigma

Joe  Neary, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Jose Perez-Zoghbi, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Brian Reilly, College of Arts and Sciences

Research: Immune Mechanisms in Pulmonary Hypertension

Time Stress and Financial Decision Making

Charlene Kalenkoski, College of Human Sciences

Michael Parent, College of Arts and Sciences

Eric Cardella, Rawls College of Business

Research: Time Stress and Choice of Retirement Plans


Narissra Punyanunt-Carter, College of Media and Communication

Sylvia Niehuis, College of Human Sciences

Fernando Valle, College of Education

Eric Rasmussen, College of Media and Communication

Research: Understanding Dating Teen Violence through the use of Media

Biobehavioral Costs of Visual Threats

Erik Bucy, College of Media and Communication

James Carr, College of Arts and Sciences

Breanna Harris, College of Arts and Sciences

Zachary Hohman, College of Arts and Sciences

Research: International Security and the Visual Environment: Biobehavioral Costs of Negative Image Consumption

Time us, food expenditure and quality of diet: Painting the complete picture

Mary Murimi, College of Human Sciences

Carlos Carpio, College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Charlene Kalenkoski, College of Human Sciences

Research: Food Choices and Eating Behaviors: Painting a Complete Picture

Robotics Matter Design (RMD)

Christian Pongratz, College of Architecture

Sangwook Bae, Whitacre College of Engineering

Brian Nutter, Whitacre College of Engineering

Jeff Hanson, Whitacre College of Engineering

Chongzheng Na, Whitacre College of Engineering

Snoeyink Craig, Whitacre College of Engineering

Venhuizen Von, Whitacre College of Engineering

Research: Robotic 3D printing of large scale components

Nanodevices and Chronic Disease Theranostics

Zhaoyang Fan, Whitacre College of Engineering

Shu Wang, College of Human Sciences

Research: Nanodevices and Chronic Disease Theranostics

The Value of Greening Urban Environments

Jennifer Vanos, College of Arts and Sciences

David Driskill, College of Architecture

Tary Arterburn, Studio Outside

Research: The Value of Greening Urban Environments: A Pilot Study in Fair Park, Dallas