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RISE offers all Texas Tech students the opportunity to complete eCHECKUP TO GO- a personalized, evidence-based, online prevention intervention developed by psychologists at San Diego State University. This program will give students a chance to participate in an anonymous assessment about their drinking habits, marijuana use or tobacco use. Feedback is completely confidential, though students can access resources through the online screening if they choose.

If you'd like to speak with someone in RISE after you take the assessment, or would like a professional staff member to discuss your results with you, call (806.742.2110) or email (RISE@ttu.edu) to set up a coaching session.

Begin the alcohol course.

Begin the marijuana course

Begin the tobacco course

Be sure to print/document your user identification number before proceeding!

For students completing for RaiderReady or another course credit?

You must print the "Certificate of Completion" available at the end of the program. This certificate does not share any answers or personal information. The certificate will have the school name, your age, sex, and date/time you completed the course ONLY.

For students completing Office of Student Conduct Sanctions

You will need to "verify" your completion, and answer personal reflection questions. This will take approximately 10 additional minutes. You will be required to look through each page of your results and consent to sharing your completion records. Be sure to print out the verification page. See an example.

Please note: Only the following information is shared with Texas Tech. All of your answers to individual questions are stored in the system separately from your verification records and will stay completely confidential.



Verification ID:

Date Completed:

Answers to the following: what stood out to you; what do you see as the "good things" and "not so good things";what strategies can you use to avoid the "not so good things"; why might (we) overestimate how much others drink; if you decided to make changes, what would your first step be?


How long does eCHECKUP TO GO take?

You can plan to spend 15-20 minutes completing the program.

What kinds of topics does eCHECK UP TO GO cover?

You will be asked questions about your demographic information (age, classification, etc.), use of alcohol & tobacco and/or marijuana (depending on the course you select), good things you experience when drinking alcohol/using marijuana, risk factors, experiences with peers, money and typical expenses, concerns about your alcohol/marijuana use, performance in school and other areas, time commitments, and changes you'd like to make.

What information will the university see?

Only what you choose to share. You can complete the assessment without any personally identifying information, and not have it saved in connection with TTU. (This will be explained next to a "log out now" button) If you complete the verification for Conduct, your student organization, or any other group, only the information outlined above under "sanctions" will be shared.