Texas Tech University

About RISE


RISE strives to promote a campus culture that values holistic wellness by educating students to make informed choices and treat each other with respect.


RISE is empowering Texas Tech students to live vital, meaningful lives through comprehensive prevention education.

What is RISE?

The RISE office at Texas Tech University is the central office for prevention education and the promotion of well-being at Texas Tech University. RISE is inspired and guided by the ACHA Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education, The Okanagan Charter, and Healthy Universities: Introduction and Model.

The RISE office works to implement evidence-informed and theory-based strategies that are prevention focused, culturally competent and inclusive, and support student success. RISE recognizes that promoting well-being and preventing harm requires a collaborative approach in which we work side-by-side with partners across campus to support a university environment that is optimal for student success and learning.

RISE believes in and implements a socioecological approach to health promotion and prevention education. We strive to implement a broad set of prevention strategies that recognize the interconnectedness of individuals, peer relationships, communities, and societies.