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The American Psychological Association states anxiety as being "an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure."  When we learn how to address and take care of or anxiety we are also taking steps to improve our physical health. 

Local Resources for Anxiety

Student Counseling Center
SWC 201│806.742.3676
Individual and Group Counseling
Walk-In Clinic Hours: M-F 12:30-3:30pm

Psychology Clinic
Psychology 111A│806.742.3737

Risk Intervention and Safety Education 
Wellness CoachingStress Management
Drane 247│806.742.2110│rise@ttu.edu



Here are some opportunities to take a deeper dive into the topic of anxiety.  

Test Anxiety

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Develop good test-taking skills
  3. Maintain a positive attitude. 
  4. Stay focused. 
  5. Practice relaxation techniques. 
  6. Stay healthy. 
  7. Visit the counseling center. 

5 Tips for Navigating Anxiety in College

  1. Set realistic expectations. 
  2. Recognize signs and symptoms. 
  3. Seek out resources. 
  4. Practice self-care.
  5. Learn healthy coping skills. 

How to Get Over Your Anxiety

  1. Admit to yourself you are anxious.
  2. Seek out a friend or family member.
  3. Get regular sleep.
  4. Seriously deal with stress in your life.
  5. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  6. Make mental relaxation a major goal.

Anxiety: What it is, what to do

Quit These 5 Habits to Help Reduce Anxiety

  1. Drinking Caffeine
  2. Too Much Screen Time
  3. Black-or-White Thinking
  4. Being Sedentary
  5. No Downtime

Anxiety and Physical Illness



How to Cope With Anxiety

  1. Take control of your life. 
    1. Make empowering, controlled decisions. 
    2. Just do it and do it badly the first time (or first few times).
  2. Learn to forgive yourself. 
  3. Complete acts of kindness with someone else in mind. 

What Causes Anxiety and Depression: Inside Out

4 Ways to Stop an Anxiety Spiral 

  1. Recognize a toxic thought pattern.
  2. Get to the root of your uncomfortable emotions.
  3. Lean away from the noise the mind is making. 
  4. Accept this moment as if you had chosen it.