Texas Tech University

Campus Inclusion Reporting

File a Report with the Campus Inclusion Resource Team (CIRT)

The Campus Inclusion Resource Team (CIRT) receives reports online, anonymously, via email (TTUCIRT@ttu.edu), in person, or over the phone by calling (806) 834-3082. The online report form (linked above) can be used by community members to report an incident that you believe impacts our campus climate, campus inclusion, or a bias-related incident. The report form can be used to report:

• Bias Incidents
• Hostile Environment
• Discrimination
• Incivility
• Microaggressions
• Safety and Security Concerns
• Other incidents or concerns that impact campus inclusion but are not listed above

When a report is filed, it is reviewed by the CIRT and contact with the incident reporter is initiated. CIRT does not formally investigate, adjudicate, arbitrate, or replace existing Texas Tech University processes outlined in the Student Handbook or University OPs. CIRT is a non-adjudicative body and therefore does not initiate disciplinary action or impose sanctions regarding bias incidents. CIRT complements formal processes by connecting anyone targeted by acts of bias, or witnesses impacted by such acts, to appropriate University resources and support.

A member of the CIRT may request to meet with individuals identified in the report in order to make them aware that a report was filed mentioning their name and to provide education and resources. If the person who filed the report leaves contact information, a member of the Campus Climate Response Team will follow up with the reporter within 2 University business days from the date that the report was filed.

Bias-related incidents often do not rise to the level of a crime or a violation of state law, University policy, or the Code of Student Conduct. If it is believed that the reported incident may warrant University disciplinary processes, it will be forwarded to the appropriate University officials for review and a member of CIRT will communicate with the incident reporter that the report has been forwarded. To learn more about University policies, please see the 'Policies' section on the main page.

The reporting form above is not designed to report the behavior or actions of Texas Tech employees. To file a report about a staff or faculty member, please contact the EEO Office at (806) 742-2000 or file a report via EthicsPoint.

What if I'd rather talk to someone in person?

If you would rather speak with someone face to face, a representative of CIRT can take reports through appointment, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. To make an appointment to file a report in person at, please call (806) 834-3082 or email TTUCIRT@ttu.edu.