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Dimensions of Wellness

At RISE, we are dedicated to helping students live vital, meaningful lives.

We recognize that there are so many facets to how a college student might build and maintain a vital, meaningful life. These facets, or dimensions of wellness are intertwined and all impact one another. 

What is wellness? What does a well life include? Whether a high or low level, wellness involves a multi-dimensional understanding of one's lifestyle. Through evaluation of these various dimensions, individuals can best understand what specific areas of life may need a bit more energy and attention, while also seeing which areas are flourishing!We can view these eight dimensions as spokes to a wheel in which an imbalance in one can make it that much more challenging for the wheel to roll smoothly. The bigger and wider the wheel the more whole or complete we likely feel, versus a small balanced wheel may indicate depleted dimensions.

Below you will see some of the campus resources for each dimension of wellness. If we are missing something, let us know and we will get it added.

Wellness Wheel

If you are interested in finding out what your own "wellness wheel" looks like, you can take your own wellness assessment by clicking on the document linked in the right hand column. After taking your assessment, you can schedule an appointment with the Program Manager for Safety and Wellness and learn more about our wellness coaching program, Raider Recharge. 

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness addresses the body's overall condition, the absence of disease, one's individual fitness level, and what our physical self-care looks like.

Texas Tech Resources for Physical Wellness:

University Recreation
Fitness, nutrition, club sports, personal training, group classes, massages, swimming and more! 

Student Health Services 
806.743.2848│Student Wellness Center│Monday-Friday 800am-500pm 
Urgent and continued care, women's health, lab services, x-rays, full service pharmacy, etc.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness includes measuring our self-confidence, emotional awareness, and self-esteem.

Texas Tech Resources for Emotional Wellness:

Student Counseling Center 
806.742.3674│Student Wellness Center 201
Hours: M-F 8-5│Walk-in Hours: 12:30-3:30, M-F
Free individual, group, and partner counseling, Biofeedback Coaching, and more!

Family Therapy Clinic
806.742.3074 │ Human Sciences 164 │ M-Th 800am-8pm, Friday 800am-500pm
$10 per session for students: call to schedule an appointment

Raider Recharge
806.742.2110│Drane Hall 247
Individual and personalized wellness coaching offered through four to six, one-hour sessions.

Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness challenges us by evaluating if work aligns with your values, there is connection with peers, fulfillment is found at work, and if challenges are perceived to be healthy.

Texas Tech Resources for Occupational Wellness:

Registrar's Office
806.742.3661│West Hall 103
Register for classes, order transcripts, transfer credits, grade replacement, FERPA

University Career Center
806.742.2210│Wiggins Complex
Career exploration, job search, assistance with resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, and much more.

Office of the Dean of Students
806.742.2984 | 201AA Student Union Building
Helps students with issues related to student life, student success, and student learning. Can help with questions related to withdrawal, reporting processes, and crisis situations.

Social Wellness

Social Wellness brings to light independence versus unity, our acceptance of others, community involvement, and a sense of belonging.

Texas Tech Resources for Social Wellness:

Center for Campus Life
806.742.5433│SUB 201
Over 700 student organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Spirit Program, and so much more.

Student Activities Board
806.742.4708│SUB 020
SAB plans and offers over 60 FREE events per year, exclusively for Texas Tech students.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness includes guiding principles, purpose and meaning, inner peace, and the practice of compassion and forgiveness.

Texas Tech Resources for Spiritual Wellness:

The MindSpa
806.742.3674│SWC 201│Hours: M-F 8-5
Located in the Student Counseling Center. Book this space for one hour; offers biofeedback, massage chair, meditation, relaxation tools, etc.

Spiritual/Faith Based Organizations

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness inspects levels of creatively, curiosity, critical thinking, intellectual stimulation and engagement in lifelong learning.

Texas Tech Resources for Intellectual Wellness:

The Learning Center
806.742.3664│Drane Hall 164│M-Th 8-8, F 8-5
Individual peer tutoring, academic planning, support and coaching, for areas like time management

Supplemental Instruction (SI)
806.742.3664 | Drane Hall 135 | si.soar@ttu.edu 
Free, peer-led review sessions for historically challenging courses: check out the schedule to get started today. 

University Advising
806.742.2189 | Drane Hall 347 

University Libraries
806.742.2265 | libraries.website@ttu.edu
Reserve study spaces, citation tools, research databases, workshops, books, computers, checkout video cameras, projectors, music and much more!

University Writing Center
806.742.2476 | 175 English/Philosophy
Writing tutorials face-to-face and online

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness will challenge the assessment of our environment's livability, our role in the health of the planet, cleanliness, safety, and what our physical environment tends to look like.

Texas Tech Resources for Environmental Wellness:

Outdoor Pursuits Center
Leadership development, equipment rentals, climbing wall, bike shop, trips and excursions

Urbanovsky Park
Flint and 18th Street │ Any day, rain or shine.
Take time to enjoy nature, play some volleyball, maybe disk golf, basketball, or simply relax by the pond.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness can help evaluate our finance knowledge, money management skills, how emotions are tied to our financial situation and if there is a balance between income and expenses.

TTU Resources for Financial Wellness:

Raider Red's Food Pantry
806.742.1932 | 117 Doak Hall
Students who need food are encouraged to visit the pantry to receive nonperishable food items for free

Student Business Services
806.742.3272│310 West Hall
Payment and fees, tuition estimator, loan information, withdrawal dates

Red to Black
806.742.9781│SUB 201│redtoblack@ttu.edu
Peer-to-peer financial coaching and presentations related to spending plans, saving, and maximizing aid.


Take the Wellness Assessment

To take the assessment, print out the document linked here and follow the instructions.

DofW Assessment

Quick Tips

Physical Wellness

  • Get moving!  Physically move your body every day.
  • Consume water, fruits, and vegetables each day.
  • Prioritize sleep and reduce excessive use of substances. 
  • Improve the relationship with your body: practice body-positivity.

Emotional Wellness

  • Emotions are not the enemy. 
  • Self-reflect on your values and live through them. 
  • Work through an emotional experience; do not suppress it.
  • Practice patience, grace, and empathy with yourself.

Educational Wellness

  • Do your values and passions align with your major?
  • Practice a growth mindset: "Learning helps me grow." 
    • Reduce a fixed mindset: "This is a waste of time." 
  • Schedule time to study and time to relax. 

Social Wellness

  • Get involved!  Join a club. Attend a fitness class.   
  • Reflect on the impact your decision has on others.  
  • Connect with your community: extend a helping hand. 

Spiritual Wellness

  • Affirm your right to be here: you belong! 
  • Get curious about ideas greater than yourself. 
  • Be open to learning different beliefs of others. 

Intellectual Wellness

  • Engage and be open to different perspectives. 
  • Find a creative outlet to utilize your skills. 
  • Minimize perfectionism: be accepting of new ideas. 

Environmental Wellness

  • Reflect: "How do my actions impact the environment." 
  • Set aside time each day to spend in nature. 
  • Organize and clean your living and work space. 
  • Improve the safety and health of your community.

Financial Wellness

  • Be willing to ask for help and guidance. 
  • Develop a budget/make a financial plan. 
  • Nourish a healthy, positive relationship with money.