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Suicide Prevention Week

 Calendar of Events

SPW calendar 2021

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Download and print the Mental Health Resource and Crisis Support documents.

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SPW Goodies (while supplies last):

Get a free drink of your choice at RISE's Coffee & Consent events on Tuesday 9/7!

Get a free SPW "Mental Health Matters" Tee during the Glow Walk on Thursday 9/9!


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Use #TTUSPW when sharing pictures of your Suicide Prevention Week events and support! 

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A special thank you to all of our Suicide Prevention week committee members for promoting an inclusive campus community that values mental health awareness and suicide prevention and helping improve the lives of our Texas Tech Students:

  • Alex Faris, Brittany Todd, Stephanie LaMarr, Esmeralda Aguilera, Kaitlyn Mullan, Ashley Rose Marino, & the RISE Peer educators, Risk Intervention & Safety Education (RISE)
  • Amanda Wheeler, Student Counseling center
  • Sylvia Cuevas and David Trotter, M.D., Student Health Services
  • Kami White-Waden, Johana Valencia, and Shelby Bentley, University Recreation
  • Mindy Diller, Hospitality and Nutrition
  • Ann Marie Casiraghi, Alex Shrode, and George Comiskey, The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities
  • Christopher Medley and Jacob Hilton, Residence Life, University Student Housing
  • Sierra Mello, Gracie Torres-Guerra, Luke Stone, Military and Veterans Programs
  • Larry Phillippe, MiKenzie Kemp, Student Disability Services
  • Denise Tijerina, Sarah Cuevas, Matt Gregory, and Cathy Duran, Dean of Students/Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Nancy Trevino, Mental Health Initiative
  • Loni Crosby, Claire Maginness, Jon Mark Bernal, Student Union Building
  • Kimberly Thornton and Amy Prause, Campus Life
  • Joie LeRette and Alexis Ortiz, Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Jody Randall and Matthew Hernandez, LGBTQIA Center
  • Ebere Nwachukwu and Faisal Al-Hmoud, Student Government
  • Tyler Bradstreet and Brandi Stuart, Athletics