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Letter to Parents and Families

Dear Parents and Families,

As a parent, family member, or supportive individual of a new Texas Tech student, we recognize the important role you play in a college student's life. We value the partnership we are entering into with you in the education of college students and we are committed to devoting time, energy and care to this relationship.

We believe a college student's ability to learn and strive for honor is enhanced when they are part of a safe and healthy community. Part of creating such a community means providing campus-wide approaches to promoting holistic well being and using tools such as our online course, Think About It, a requirement for all students who are new to Texas Tech. This interactive course is designed to educate college students about alcohol/drugs, healthy relationships, consent, violence prevention and bystander intervention, as well as provide them with valuable on campus and local resources. 

RISE partners with EverFi to administer this program, a data, research driven organization, dedicated to "connecting education to the real world and opening new doors of opportunity for all." EverFI offers surveys throughout the courses to further engage your student on reflection of their own attitudes and behaviors, and knowledge of relational health. Please know, all survey responses are completely anonymous. Texas Tech will only use this information to receive statistics about the student body as a whole and will not be able to link responses to individual students. Many of the questions are optional.  

We encourage you to talk with your student about the decisions they may be faced with concerning alcohol and drug use, interpersonal relationships, and coping mechanisms. We support your efforts to have these conversations! We value your contribution toward helping us maintain a safe and healthy campus community. If you have any questions, please contact the RISE Office at 806.742.2110 or RISE@ttu.edu.


The RISE Staff
Texas Tech University

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