Texas Tech University

Available Workshops

RISE offers several workshop presentations that may be scheduled for academic courses (including RaiderReady), housing presentations, and Student Organization/Greek Life requirements. Please see the list of available workshops below and complete the Workshop Request Form to schedule your presentation. All workshops are 45 minutes, unless otherwise noted. Each workshops is taught from the harm reduction perspective.

When requesting a program, we ask that you give at least two weeks notice. RISE will work to accommodate all requests, but has limited availability during peak times.

*Note: Customized workshops are available upon request with at least one month notice.

Available Workshops

Alcohol & Other Drug

Alcohol Safety

How much do you really know about staying safe while consuming alcohol? Get the scoop on standard drink size, the impact of alcohol on your behavior at various BACs, short and long term consequences of unsafe consumption, and how other students are drinking at Texas Tech.

The 90 minute version of the workshop also includes "Raiders Respond" bystander intervention training. Learn how to intervene when you have a concern about a friend's drinking or related behavior.

Drugs 101

Need to know about those drugs you see or hear about on campus? This brief overview will get you started on separating fact from fiction, knowing what to expect, and thinking about how use or abuse could impact college success.

Gender & Sexuality


What is consent, and why should be a priority? (Hint: it's more fun!) Learn how to talk consent with your partner without reaching a Stage 5 awkward conversation. Not currently sexually active? Come talk about how consent is absolutely part of the abstinence conversation.

Healthy relationships

We all want 'healthy relationships,' but how do you know if you're in one? This interactive conversation will cover the do's and don'ts, warning signs, and how to set the bar high for quality relationships across the family, friend, and romantic spectrum.

Sex Ed 101

Don't know everything you need to know before you get sexy? Come for a quick and not so dirty review of basic anatomy, birth control, and effectively protecting against STIs. Leave with a few condoms or dental dams!

Suicide Prevention

Warning Signs & Intervention

Worried about a friend, but not sure how worried you should be, or what you can do to help? Learn a few warning signs, strategies for talking to someone you're concerned about, and resources that can offer assistance.

Violence Prevention & Response


Escalation is a powerful, emotionally-engaging 90-minute film-based workshop that educates your community about relationship violence and empowers you to work for change. Learn how to report abusive relationships and what resources are available to you at Texas Tech.

Raiders Respond

Everyone is talking about 'bystander intervention,' but what does that mean? Find out when, why, and how to get involved when you see issues ranging from cheating in class to online bullying, alcohol poisoning, relationship/ sexual violence and everything in between.

Rape Culture

It's a term that you hear everywhere, but what does it mean, and why does it matter? Join the discussion of how our culture shapes the potential for violence, and how everyone is negatively impacted- women and men. Leave with suggestions for improving this issue in your personal life, your organizations, and your campus community.

Title IX 101 (Students)

Title IX is a big buzzword on campus and in the media, but what is it, and how does it protect Tech students? Join for an overview of the policies that protect the campus community, how you can make a report (and what your obligations may be), and what resources are available for survivors.

Title IX Overview (F/S Departments)

This primer will cover the basics of the Title IX Statute, Mandatory Reporter requirements, how to file a report, and what resources are available for students, faculty, and staff.


Anxiety (.... And other mental Health Concerns)

Noticing a bit more anxiety or worry than is normal for you? Concerned about a friend? Not sure where to go for help? This overview will address what to look out for, and where to reach out. We will also practice a few calming techniques.

Distracted Driving

Why is everyone so concerned with distracted driving? Because it's one of the leading causes of death for young adults. Join this workshop to address why it's not just alcohol you need to worry about, and look at the impact of sleepy driving, drugged driving, and texting while driving.

Healthy Eating

Is your idea of "healthy eating" something that you don't have to microwave? Join this fun seminar to learn creative and healthy meals and snacks that even a beginner can handle, and what benefits you can expect to see when you're taking care of your body.

Nutrition on a College Budget

Think that eating healthy has to cost big bucks? Not true! This workshop will help even the tightest budget plan healthy alternatives.

Sleep Hygiene

Do you really need sleep in college? This one is an easy yes! Join this seminar for tricks of the trade for maximizing your sleep hours for optimal energy.

Stress Management

Need to get better about handling stress? This interactive workshop will have your practicing several techniques to determine what works best for you.

Time Management

Do you have a scheduling problem? A getting things done on time problem? A not even knowing when things need to be done problem? If so, this how-to workshop is for you!

Transitioning to College

Finding some days that adulting is just TOO. HARD? This workshop will cover life skills to improve your surviving and thriving in college, and tackle those challenges that may make you want to call home for help.