Texas Tech University

Wellness Coaching

Raider Recharge

Raider Recharge is a wellness coaching program available to all Red Raiders that focuses on personal growth through discussion, self-reflection, and interactive activities. Students will increase self-awareness and further develop by engaging in topics such as dimensional wellness, stress management, emotional literacy, healthy relationships, conflict management and more! Coaching aims at guiding a functioning student to one whom recognizes their fullest potential.

The purpose of Raider Recharge is to:

  • provide individualized education for students about holistic health, mental health, and self-care
  • offer an opportunity for students to gain personalized insight on strengths and areas for growth
  • refer students to campus and community resources for additional support and/or intervention
  • increase academic success and retention of participating students by maximizing a student's wellness, therefore improving their overall performance and experience in the classroom


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