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Prevention Tips

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

Sexual assault is never the fault of the victim. Although sexual assault prevention is never perfect, here are some things everyone should consider:

Giving Consent:

  • Always make sure you have a clear and enthusiastic yes. The absence of no does not indicate consent.
  • People incapacitated by alcohol or drugs cannot give consent.
  • Consent cannot be given if a person is coerced, pressured, or deceived.
  • Practice being assertive about whether you want to have sex or not.
  • Consent is ongoing and is needed for each intimate behavior, every time.

If you see somebody who is too drunk to give consent, help them.

  • Intervene to make sure they are not being taken advantage of.
  • Do not leave a drunk friend alone.

If you see others engaging in disrespectful or inappropriate actions, speak up, step up, get involved, or contact someone else to assist.

  • Individuals who devalue women and sex are the most likely to commit these acts. Confront these negative attitudes.
  • Do not be a bystander to others' illegal behaviors.

Sexual assault is most likely to be committed by an intimate partner, friend, or acquaintance.

  • These types of assaults are the least likely to be reported.
  • Weapons are used in only 11% of sexual assaults.

Help out other Red Raiders --If you see something unusual or unsafe call the police immediately.

What if something like this happens to me or my friend?

  • Seek medical help. You have the most options if you go within the first 96 hours.
  • Need someone to talk to? RISE has Support Coordinators who can help you access services. You can stop by in person M-F 8-5 in the Student Wellness Center, Suite 204, or call 806.742.2110. You can also call the Student Counseling Center or the Crisis HelpLine (806.742.5555).
  • Considering filing a report? Students have several options. You can file a report through the university through RISE, or a TTU Title IX Investigator. You can pursue a criminal investigation through the TTU Police Department. You can choose to file one, both, or none at all. Resources are still available to you, even if you decide not to file a report.

What Do I Do After An Incident

You can download a copy of the graphic here

incident flowchart

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Make a Report

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