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When Can I Register?

Advanced Registration begins at different times during the semester. Please check here for the latest dates:

Advanced Registration

Can I Late Add a Course?

The late add period begins after the 4th day of class and before the 12th day of class in Fall and Spring semesters. During Summer terms, it begins after the 3rd and 4th class days.

Adding late is strongly discouraged due to missed assignments and information. Attendance also needs to be considered as some professors count from the 1st day even if you weren't in the course yet. Late adds are disrupting for the teacher as well as the student who have been attending from the beginning. Students who add late statistically do not do well for a variety of reasons. Therefore, late adds are never automatic, but require research and careful consideration.

If a class with an empty seat is found, a student must acquire that professor's permission in an email, and then forward it to the appropriate advisor. Include your R#, the course prefix, and the course registration number (CRN).

Can I Drop a Class?

Dropping a class is not ideal, however, if you are struggling and believe you might fail, it is an option that is available to you. The best course of action is to first email or schedule an appointment with your advisor.


Be aware of the academic and financial penalties of dropping courses after certain dates:

Academic Calendar

What is Waitlisted for a Course?

Waitlisting for a course is registering to be added to a course if a seat becomes available. If your waitlist turn becomes available, you have 24 hours to respond to the invitation email and register for the class. Full details: Waitlist

The Class I Want Has a Campus Restriction

During Advanced Registration, almost all ONLINE courses are restricted to Distance-Degree-admitted-students in the TTU system (NOT students located in Lubbock pursuing Lubbock-campus degrees) per the Office of the Provost and Department Chairs. Any remaining seats in online classes may be available to Lubbock-based students, typically 30 days before the next semester begins, at the discretion of each Department. In the meantime, you should register for an in-person, face2face section of a class to make sure you have a full schedule for Spring 2024, and you can always swap later IF there's an opportunity.

Registration Holds

Why Can't I Register?

A hold is placed on your record to indicate that an action is needed. Academic and administrative offices can place holds on a student's account for many reasons.

Only the department that placed the hold can remove it. You must reach out to them.

Registration Hold Information

I Have a TSI Hold

I Have a Housing Hold

I Have an Immunization Hold

I Have an Unpaid Balance Hold

I Have an Advising/ Department Hold

For Sociology & Criminology:

Last Name A-L: Stephen Phillips

Last Name M-Z: Alexandra Haney

For Anthropology or Social Work:

Adrienne Scales

How to Register for Classes

Step One - Raiderlink

Access your Raiderlink for everything you will need to navigate your academic journey at TTU, including registration, financial services, campus calendar, announcements,and other University services.

Step Two - DegreeWorks

Access your DegreeWorks to see which courses are complete, which are still needed, and to view the options for satisfying remaining requirements in your Core, Major, and Minor.

Step Three - ScheduleBuilder

Access your ScheduleBuilder. Input courses to see the time and delivery method (face-to-face, online, etc.) of each section. Once you have scheduled, take the CRN numbers next to the shopping cart and input them at step four.

Step Four - Registration

Take the CRN numbers you have decided on from ScheduleBuilder and input them into the registration site.

Other FAQs

I Need Technical Assistance

I Want My Parent/Guardian to Have Access

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

As an adult, you have the right to grant or refuse access to your:

  • Business Account 
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Records
  • Application Records

Please visit the FERPA Website for more info.

I am a Military Veteran

I am in an ROTC Program

I am in the Honor's College

Can I CLEP out of a Class?

CLEP allows a student to earn college credits for specific undergraduate courses. For full details: CLEP