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Criminology Undergraduate Program

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A bachelor's degree in criminology focuses on the study of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system. It combines elements of sociology, psychology, law, and public policy to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of crime and its impact on society.

The curriculum of a criminology degree typically includes courses such as:

  • Introduction to Criminology: An overview of the field of criminology, including theories of crime causation, the history of criminology, and the role of criminologists in society.Criminal
  • Justice System: A study of the components of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, courts, and corrections. This course examines how these institutions work together to maintain social order and control crime.
  • Criminological Theory: Exploration of various theories that seek to explain why individuals commit crimes. This course examines biological, psychological, sociological, and environmental perspectives on criminal behavior.
  • Research Methods in Criminology: An introduction to research methods and techniques used in criminological studies. This course covers data collection, analysis, and interpretation of research findings.
  • Crime Prevention and Control: Examination of strategies and approaches aimed at preventing and reducing crime. Topics may include community policing, crime prevention programs, and rehabilitation efforts.
  • Victimology: Study of the impact of crime on victims, their rights, and the services available to support them. This course explores the psychological, social, and legal aspects of victimization.
  • Comparative Criminology: Analysis of crime patterns and criminal justice systems in different countries and cultures. This course examines how factors such as culture, social structure, and economic conditions influence crime rates and responses to crime.

Current Undergraduate Course Offerings in Criminology
•  CRIM 2333 - The U.S. Criminal Justice System
•  CRIM 2335 - Homicide
•  CRIM 3300 - Special Topics in Criminology
•  CRIM 3328 - Offender Re-entry and Reintegration
•  CRIM 3339 - Crime Data Analysis
 CRIM 3341 - Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
•  CRIM 3357 - Prison and Society
•  CRIM 4321 - Cross-national and Global Crime
•  CRIM 4325 - Criminological Theory

For Current and Prospective Students, please reach out to:

Last name A-L Stephen Phillips
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