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Peace, War, and Social Conflict Laboratory

Peace, War, and Social Conflict LaboratoryPeace, War, and Social Conflict LaboratoryPeace, War, and Social Conflict LaboratoryPeace, War, and Social Conflict LaboratoryPeace, War, and Social Conflict Laboratory

The Peace, War, & Social Conflict Laboratory is a research collaborative effort between faculty and students that is located at the TTU Sociology Department. The PWSCL mission is to provide a space for interdisciplinary, policy-related research on issues in Peace, War, and Social Conflict. Today the PWSCL is a hub of excellence that allows students to earn research-related skills and experience on high-impact topics. The lab empowers students by exposing them to advance research software used in the social sciences today, learn research skills, and gain research experience by taking part in attempts to solve real-world problems through research. The goal of the laboratory is to better prepare students for the challenge Homes they may face when graduating.

The software students exposed to include Tableau, Social Network Visualizer, PSPP, QGIS, R, and Gambit. The PWSCL runs weekly workshops on those software during the semester that are open to the public and run by PWSCL trainees. Those software The research projects vary per semester. Past projects include terrorism and the media, privatization of security, terrorist organizations and collateral damage, Shia militias in the Middle East, cyber warfare, and many others.

One of the main benefits is studying at TTU, is the access to research that is meaningful and changing the world. The PWSCL is an entry point to this world and an opportunity for you to learn about how research is done and be part of a research project.

To join the lab you can:
1. Contact Dr. Swed and ask to volunteer on an active research project
2. Register for the Issues in PWSC issues in the coming semester
3. Take an independent study with a faculty affiliated with the PWSCL