Texas Tech University

Sociology Undergraduate Program

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The sociology program includes most of the major substantive areas of the discipline, ranging from interpersonal relations in families and elsewhere to the growth of cities and complex organizations to international relations. The department also offers a criminology concentration for sociology majors who wish to specialize in this area. Areas of faculty expertise include criminology and delinquency, marriage and the family, minority relations, gender, gerontology, social psychology, international development, medical sociology, sociology of religion, social research methods, and social theory. A major or minor in sociology is beneficial to students planning careers in a variety of areas, including business, law and law enforcement, international development, medicine, and social work. Courses in sociology fulfill Core Curriculum requirements in the social and behavioral sciences in Arts and Sciences and the university.

A student majoring in sociology must complete 30 hours in sociology; 18 hours should be advanced. A maximum of 9 hours of transfer credit may be accepted for the major. Specific course requirements are as follows:

  1. SOC 1301, 3391, and 3392.
  2. Either SOC 3393 or 3394.

Students expecting admission to graduate work in sociology should take both of these courses.

Criminology Concentration. To learn more about Criminology at Texas Tech, please follow this link. Sociology majors who wish to specialize in the study of criminology and receive the notation "Criminology Concentration" on their transcripts are required to complete five three-hour courses (15 hours) with a grade of C or better from two groups of courses as specified below.

  1. Two core courses as follows, all of which must be taken: SOC 3327 and 4325.
  2. Three alternate courses to be chosen from among the following: ANTH 2305, 4343; PSY 4384; SOC 3335, 3368, 3383, and 4327.

The sociology major with a concentration in criminology requires a total of 36 hours. A student minoring in sociology must complete 18 hours of sociology, including SOC 1301. No more than 6 hours of transfer credit will be accepted for the minor. Students must receive a grade of C or better in each sociology course if they wish it to count toward a major or minor in sociology or in the criminology concentration.

The minimum prerequisite that is recommended for all advanced courses is SOC 1301 or consent of instructor, unless otherwise indicated in the course description. Freshmen and sophomores who wish to take an advanced course are required to obtain in writing the consent of the instructor.