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What is Biofeedback?

  • MindSpa Biofeedback uses equipment to monitor physical states. It provides visual information to help you learn about the mind/body connection.
  • All systems in the body (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical body) are connected, almost like on a rubber band. If we can make a change in any one system, we can influence the other systems. With increased balance among the systems, performance levels and positive emotions increase.
  • In the Biofeedback Programs, you can experiment with different coping strategies and develop an individualized approach for managing stress based on the visual feedback provided by the biofeedback programs. The programs use finger or ear clip sensors to assess stress levels in your body by measuring your heart rate.
  • As you improve your ability to control your physical state, you can test out your skills in various video games.

MindSpa Biofeedback

How will I use the Biofeedback Programs?

There are multiple interactive biofeedback programs available:

Wild Divine: Relaxing Rhythms

As pictured below, you will use finger sensors to measure your heart rate and your electrodermal response (EDR). Your EDR is a slight electrical resistance in your finger tips that is strongly tied to emotional changes in the body. You can watch live graphs of your heart rate and EDR on the computer. As you change your breathing techniques (taught during the demonstration), you can watch how your heart and EDR are impacted. Once you master more calming breathing techniques, you can play interactive video games to test your new skills. This program is great for those needing general relaxation training.

Relaxing Rhythms

Relaxing Rhythms

Secrets of Meditation (Deepak Chopra)

In this program Deepak Chopra will guide you in developing a meditational practice of your own.  The same sensors as used in Relaxing Rhythms will provide you with active feedback  so you can learn more quickly and easily what works best for you to achieve a more relaxed state of being.


Using either the same finger sensors as in Healing Rhythms, or an sensor that clips to your ear, you can access Alive Workshops, Alive Environments, and Alive Games.  The Alive Workshops give you lessons and pointers on how to regulate your breathing and heart rate variability and increase relaxation.  The Alive Environments are pleasant images that are "controlled" by the smoothness of your breathing, which allows you to practice controlling your heart rate variability with the reward of enjoyable images and sounds.  Alive Games are fun and challenging ways to practice managing your heart rate variability and ability to feel relaxed.  Two particularly popular games are Dual Drive Pro, which involves a car race, and Tropical Heat, which depicts a jet ski cruise or race.  The Alive program is great for those that experience test or performance anxiety.


Alive Pictures

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