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Austin Wade, Psy.D.

Graduate Training: Clinical Psychology, University of Indianapolis, 2017

Internship: Wichita Collaborative Psychology Internship Program, Wichita State University, 2016-17 

Theoretical Orientation:  Integrative (Interpersonal, Client-Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral)

Approach to Therapy: I combine a few different approaches and theories when working with clients toward meeting treatment goals. I believe that the therapy relationship is very important, and see therapy work as a collaboration between the therapist and client. Therapy with me typically involves discussion of difficulties, interpersonal relationships, or situations causing distress, as well as processing emotions experienced in-the-moment. I also enjoy rehearsing techniques in session that help improve ability to cope with distress. I have developed areas of professional interest in working with clients who experience elevated anxiety, depression, and grief/loss, as well as those who experience difficulties associated with media and technology use. However, as a trained generalist, I am open to working with clients who experience any array of problems or symptoms. 

Approach to Supervision: My approach to supervision aims to support supervisees in their training goals, emphasizing clinical strengths while strengthening areas that may need growth. I prefer working with supervisees who are flexible in their theoretical orientation, and who are excited about moving toward their own cohesive approach to treatment. I also value a balance between strong work-ethic and healthy self-care practices.

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