Texas Tech University

Kyle Schindler, Ph.D.

Coordinator of MindSpa Services

Graduate Training: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Texas Tech University 
M.A., Psychology, Texas Tech University

Internship:  Texas Tech University Student Counseling Center

Theoretical Orientation: Person-Centered, Interpersonal, Emotion-focused

Professional Interests:   Mood disorders, trauma, supervision and mentoring, men and masculinity

Approach to Therapy: I work from person-centered theory.  I believe people generally know what they need to do to function, but that they seek therapy because these mostly-helpful strategies aren't working currently for some reason. Thus, my role is to help each person determine the possible ways their current strategies, environment, or experiences can be modified to manage their difficulties better.  I find that learning about the benefits of emotions and emotional experience, determining different ways of relating to others, and challenging unfair beliefs about ourselves and our worth are often most helpful to consider and I tend to discuss these areas most as a result. 

Approach to Supervision: My approach to supervision is largely developmental. I believe it is important to balance the supervisee's sense of autonomy and their perception that they are supported and guided by their supervisor. This balance also changes as the supervisee develops and gains more skills and experience. I believe that less experienced supervisees typically require more guidance and support as they learn fundamental skills. I also believe experienced supervisees typically require a more consultatory relationship, with somewhat increased autonomy as they process more complex issues (e.g. choosing a theoretical orientation) and develop a professional identity.

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