Texas Tech University

Lisa Whitfield, Psy.D.

Graduate Training: Regent University, 2017

Internship: Utah State University, 2016-17

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Iowa State University 2017-18

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative (Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, and Client-Centered)

Professional Interests: I consider myself to be a generalist and enjoy working with a wide range of different presenting concerns. However, some of my areas of interest include anxiety disorders, self-esteem and identity development, relationship and family-of-origin concerns, self-compassion, and supervision and training.

Approach to Therapy: I consider it a great privilege to work with students at Texas Tech as they navigate the many challenges of this unique season of life. My therapeutic approach is integrative and tailored to the needs and goals of each client. I believe the therapeutic relationship is an essential part of therapeutic change, and I aim to create a relationship where my clients feel safe, cared for, and appreciated. I also strive to be attentive and affirming toward the unique identities, life experiences, and values of each client with whom I meet. I enjoy incorporating interpersonal process, emotion-focused interventions, and skills from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into my therapeutic work. I work to make therapy a collaborative process where my clients and I explore thoughts and experiences, process emotions, understand and change unhelpful patterns that may contribute to emotional distress, and identify effective coping skills.

Approach to Supervision: I very much enjoy providing supervision and supporting trainees at various developmental levels. My supervisory approach is similar to my therapeutic approach in that the supervisory relationship is foundational. I desire for supervision to be a place where my supervisees feel safe to share authentic reactions and struggles without fear of judgment. I strive to be a supervisor who encourages and empowers my supervisees to take risks, grow, learn, and develop their own therapeutic approach. I adopt a developmental approach to supervision that takes into account the unique strengths, interests, needs, goals, and growth areas of each supervisee. In supervision, I value utilizing interpersonal process and normalizing concerns through self-disclosure when appropriate. It is my sincere hope that my supervisees will leave supervision feeling understood, supported, and more confident to continue their personal and professional development.

Staff at SCC since 2018

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