Texas Tech University

Nancy Robinson, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Coordinator of Practicum Training 

Graduate Training: University of Denver, Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, 1990

Respecialization in Clinical Psychology, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, 1997

Internship: Worcester Youth Guidance Center, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1996-1997

(With a rotation at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics)

Theoretical Orientation: I believe that different approaches work best for different presenting problems and circumstances. My strengths lie in cognitive-behavioral, client-centered and interpersonal approaches to therapy. Thus, my focus is on thoughts and emotions and the behaviors associated with them, providing a supportive and safe place to explore one's identity, and understanding patterns of interactions with others and how to improve them. In combining these approaches, I seek to understand where clients are in their development of self and relationships with other, and then work together to explore what types of changes best suit their individualized goals and improve their current situation.

Professional Interests: Life-span development, self-compassion, parenting, stress and coping, mindfulness/mediation, relationship skills, social support, family dynamics, anxiety and depression, recovering from trauma, and autism.

Approach to Supervision: My approach to supervision takes into account the developmental stage of the supervisee as well as their interest in learning more about certain aspects or approaches to therapy. I strive to develop a trusting and mutually respectful relationship that allows me to provide support as well as teach and consult, so that supervisees may have room to develop their own unique style.

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