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Imagine yourself in a calm, quiet place, free of worries, responsibilities, and distraction. This is a comfortable place that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. This is basically what meditation is – it is finding this peaceful and relaxed place within us. Meditation is like housecleaning the mind – sweeping out all the old cobwebs and dust from the corners leaving you with a house that is clean and pristine - not cluttered. This is what meditation does for your mind. Meditation is the art of quieting the worries, anxieties, and thoughts that zoom incessantly through our minds and just ‘being'.

Meditation is a skill that is learned through practice. The tools available to you at the MindSpa can help you learn to meditate and practice meditation.

At the MindSpa you can listen to the audio recordings we have that guide you through various meditations. You can situate yourself comfortably on the zafu/zabutan and let the sound of rain or waves envelope you as you distance yourself from your thoughts, anxieties, and worries. You can also use one of the many ‘focal points' in the room to concentrate on in an effort to maintain awareness of one thing, rather than letting your thoughts control your awareness.

Additionally, research has shown that Meditation has many health benefits.


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