Texas Tech University

How to Report External Scholarships

If you expecting any scholarships from groups other than Texas Tech University, such as alumni association, your high school, community groups, corporations, etc., please be sure to report them. This will help us ensure your financial aid is ready to disperse in August.

How to Report External Awards

  1. Go to the Texas Tech Scholarship website - scholarships.ttu.edu
  2. Click Report External Awards
  3. Log In with eRaider Username and Password
  4. Fill in the External Scholarship Form
    1. Only add awards for the current year
  5. Report your Donor's Name, the Award Amount, and the Term.
    1. Enter Donor Name without punctuation (period, coma, or apostrophes).
    2. Enter Award Amount using whole numbers only
    3. Use the drop down menu to select the semester(s) the award will be applied.
  6. Click + Add to list additional checks.
  7. Enter information for all expected External Awards.
  8. Certify and Submit 

Receiving more awards? Repeat the process and add to the list.