Texas Tech University

In-Person SI Sessions


In-person SI Sessions provide numerous benefits for students, which include meeting others in the course, the ability to create and form study groups outside of class, and connect with peers (SI Leaders) who have taken the course previously. Students that attend SI Sessions on a regular basis perform better than those who do not attend.

SI Leaders will send an e-mail to all students in their SI course each week with the location, date, time, and how to attend their SI Sessions. No reservations are needed for in-person SI Sessions. All SI Sessions will follow campus event guidelines.

Students should bring an electronic device to their SI Session (such as a phone, computer, or tablet) for check-in purposes, along with any supplemental material from their SI course including lecture notes, textbooks, etc. Students may also bring notebook paper to write down notes by hand, or use an electronic device to access the packet.

Anticipated SI Session days and times for Fall 2021 are included below. Students should check their e-mail for the most up to date SI Session schedule for their course(s) each week.

Course SI Leader(s) Day and Time of SI Sessions
ACCT 2300 Cole Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8PM
ACCT 2300 Natasha Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7PM
BIOL 1402 Abbey S. Tuesday & Thursday 5-6:30PM
BIOL 1403 Abby E. Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-9PM
BIOL 1403 Billy Monday & Wednesday 7:45-9:15PM
BIOL 1403 Whitney Sunday 2:15-3:45PM, Tuesday 4:15-5:45PM
BIOL 3416 Kalese Tuesday & Thursday 7-8:30PM
CHEM 1301 Gabe Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-9PM
CHEM 1301 Olivia Monday & Wednesday 6:15-7:45PM
CHEM 1305 Kayla Tuesday & Thursday 4:15-5:45PM
CHEM 1305 Lauryn Monday & Wednesday 6-7:30PM
CHEM 1307 Alan Monday & Wednesday 4:15-5:45PM
CHEM 1307 Brendan Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8PM
CHEM 1307 Justin Sunday 6:30-8PM, Wednesday 7:30-9PM
CHEM 1308 Riley Monday & Wednesday 5:30-7PM
CHEM 1308 Rose Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7PM
CHEM 3305 Brandon Tuesday & Thursday 5:15-6:45PM
CHEM 3305 Bryan Monday & Wednesday 4:15-5:45PM
CHEM 3305 Shelby Monday & Wednesday 6-7:30PM
CHEM 3306 Austyn Monday & Wednesday 5:15-6:45PM
CHEM 3310 Mitch Monday & Wednesday 5-6:30PM
FIN 3320 Seamus Monday & Wednesday 4:45-6:15PM
MATH 1320 Erika Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:30PM
MATH 1330 Hayden Monday & Wednesday 5-6:30PM
MATH 1331 Eric Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:30PM
MATH 1451 Jose Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8PM
MATH 1452 Kenley Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8PM
MATH 2450 Dyllin Monday & Thursday 5:30-7PM
MATH 3350 James Tuesday 6:15-7:45PM, Thursday 4:15-5:45PM
ME 2301 Connor Tuesday & Thursday 5:15-6:45PM
PHYS 1408 Ricki Tuesday & Wednesday 4:15-5:45PM
PHYS 2401 Gage Monday & Wednesday 4:15-5:45PM
ZOOL 2403 Anna Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7PM
ZOOL 2403 Rachel Monday 8-9:30PM, Wednesday 7:30-9PM
ZOOL 2404 Brigitte Tuesday 5:30-7PM, Thursday 8-9:30PM

*These are the normal days and times the SI Leaders will host their SI Sessions. Should any times or days change, the SI Leader will communicate this within two weeks notice to the students in SI courses. Additional updates to the days and times of SI Sessions can also be found in our weekly SI schedule, and in our social media accounts.

Please contact si.soar@ttu.edu for additional questions or concerns.