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BASW Program

The University Catalog section on the  displays the requirements for the degree, the recommended  curriculum schedule and links to  . Any student who is interested in declaring Social Work as a major should meet with the academic advisor for social work, Adrienne Long. Once a major, a student should meet with her every long semester to ensure that all university degree requirements are met and courses are sequenced correctly. Set up a meeting with Ms. Long  through the Grades First Appointment System.

Social work majors interested in applying for full program admission and entering the practice course sequence must complete anapplication in the long semester before planned enrollment in SW 3332. The application and instructions can be found under Handbooks and Forms on the menu toolbar.

More information on program admission, application to enter the practice course sequence, degree requirements, and much more can be found in the TTU Social Work Program BASW Student Handbook. All majors are responsible for being familiar with the information addressed there.

Field placement is an essential component of  social work education. Cara Speer is the Director of Field Education and her office is located in room 165. 


Student Representation

While any student can bring issues to the social work faculty at any time, two BSW Student Representatives act as formal advocates for student concerns related to program functioning. The student representatives collect student concerns and meet with Social Work faculty. Each student representative serves for two long semesters. For more information on becoming a student representative, please refer to the student handbook. The current representatives are listed below with contact information.

Will Scott

Will Scott

Term: Spring 2017-Fall 2017

pic of Jazmin Dimas

Jazmin Dimas

Term: Fall 2017-Spring 2018


Student Organization

The Social Work Student Organization (SWSO) is open to undergraduate students who have an interest in social work. Inquire with Dr. Margaret Elbow , faculty advisor for SWSO, or Angel Carroll, SWSO President, for more information. The organization is also on Facebook.



Most semesters, there are at least three scholarships available for upper level social work students. Applications for monies for the following semester are generally accepted until the end of each long semester. Learn more about these scholarships here.

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