Texas Tech University

Child Welfare Training Project

MSW Students

Title IV-E Program Overview

The Texas Tech University Social Work Department in collaboration with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) offers educational stipends from Title IV-E federal funding of the Social Security Act, in exchange for commitment to service in public child welfare. The project is designed to build and advance workforce knowledge and skill, in an effort to improve outcomes for children placed in foster care. The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project is for full-time and part-time MSW students.

How it Works

MSW students will receive one stipend for each semester of attendance according to the agreement. The MSW student will receive necessary training and will be offered employment in a qualified position upon graduation. Students repayment obligation is fulfilled by maintaining employment with DFPS for 8 months for every stipend received. EX. stipend received for 2 semesters = 16 months of continued employment with DFPS.  Students are expected to maintain a grade point average in accordance to Texas Tech University policy and complete all requirements within allowed timeframes of the agreement.

How to Apply:

Priority Deadline: January 15 

For Information:

Vecelia Mann, LMSW-IPR
Title IV-E Project Coordinator
Department of Social Work
Rm 163 Holden Hall
1011 Boston Ave
Lubbock, TX 79409

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