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Master of Social Work

Thank you for your interest in graduate study in social work at Texas Tech University! Our MSW program uses an advanced generalist approach with a focus on health and well-being. The advanced generalist approach prepares our MSW graduates to practice social work with a large diversity of different populations and social problems, as well as in a variety of different field settings.   Follow this hyperlink to learn more about the scope of MSW practice in general.  

Admissions and Program Requirements

Course requirements for earning the MSW degree at TTU largely depends on candidates' previous undergraduate education. Because of their foundation knowledge in social work, those who have earned a baccalaureate degree within the past 5 years are usually eligible to be considered for advanced admission to the program, allowing degree completion in just one calendar year. These students begin their course of study in a summer session. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines are considered for 2-year standard admission and begin the course of study in a fall semester. Part-time schedules are also available for both admission types. Follow this hyperlink to learn about additional admission requirements, as well as the application process and submission deadlines.


The MSW Program at Texas Tech University is accredited with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) through June of 2031. CSWE is a national organization that regulates undergraduate and graduate social work education programs in the United States. In the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS), CSWE has established nine areas of competency that graduating students should demonstrate. Accredited social work programs are held responsible for ensuring they maintain the standards and engage in ongoing assessment for these competency outcomes. Social work programs participate in an extensive review process on an 8-year cycle, which corresponds to the publication of new EPAS. Through this ongoing process of accreditation and reaffirmation with CSWE, students have reasonable assurance of the quality of social work education programs and society of the competence of their graduates.

As a CSWE-accredited program, graduates of the MSW at TTU are also eligible to sit for the national MSW-level exam with the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) and to apply for corresponding licensure in most jurisdictions.

Graduate Social Work Society (GSWS)

All social work graduate students are invited to become involved with GSWS. Please contact Shelby Williams, President, for more information. 
 Student Organization Officers

GSWS Officers pictured left to right: Matthew Leber, Vice President, Karlie Scott, Treasurer, & Shelby Williams, President.

Student Representation

The TTU MSW Program encourages formal participation in program governance through the election of student representatives. While students are invited to share thoughts and concerns with faculty directly, student representatives are tasked with collecting concerns, questions, and suggestions from the study body on a yearly basis. For more information on student representation, please refer to the MSW Student Handbook.

MSW Mission Statement

The Master of Social Work Program at Texas Tech University prepares advanced generalist social workers to contribute to society through professional social work practice and engaged civic participation, providing thoughtful leadership. As critical thinkers and self-directed learners, the MSW graduates can simultaneously use self-awareness and sensitivity to the plight of humankind to promote social justice not only in the South Plains Region but also within our interdependent global community. The MSW program integrates the purpose, core principles and methods of social work, and augments these with advanced knowledge and skills to ensure that graduates will continually refine practice through synthesis and discretion and will protect and promote the values of the profession.

See recent assessment outcomes of the TTU MSW program on the nine competencies identified by CSWE.


Applications are open for the first advanced admission cohort of the new online MSW program!

TTU named #2 Online School in Texas!

Important Information:

TTU MSW Program Student Handbook

Sample curriculum framework for all admission types and schedules

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Resources for Students:

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