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History of Social Work
at Texas Tech University

The Social Work Program at TTU began during the 1967-68 academic year with 24 undergraduate students and three courses in related disciplines. In 1970, the TTU Board of Regents approved Social Welfare as a major and the first Social Work faculty were hired. The next year, the program began offering its own courses with the SW prefix and was initially approved by CSWE*. Three additional faculty positions were added in 1972. Full accreditation status was granted for the BASW degree program in 1978 and was hence maintained. The MSW degree program began in fall 2015 and included the addition of several faculty positions. Full initial accreditation of the MSW was awarded by CSWE in February of 2018. The BASW degree program's accreditation status was reaffirmed in October of 2018. 

*The Council on Social work Education (CSWE) oversees all social work education programs at the bachelors and masters levels. Accreditation with CSWE provides reasonable assurance of the quality of social work education programs and the competence of graduating students. In order to be licensed as a practicing social worker in most states, a person must have a degree in social work from an institution that is accredited with CSWE. Programs' accreditation is re-evaluated on a 8-year cycle.


Our Mission

The Social Work Program at Texas Tech University prepares students to contribute to society through civic participation and professional social work practice. As critical thinkers and self-directed learners, graduates are able to simultaneously use self-awareness and sensitivity to the plight of humankind to promote social justice within our interdependent global community. The program is designed to integrate these fundamentals with the core principles and methods of social work, recognizing the context and consequences of professional practice.

Goals & Assessment

The Social Work Program has identified three goals for graduates. Our graduates will demonstrate identification with the tenets of the profession, sensitivity to the evolving context of practice, and the ability to function effectively in a practice environment.

These goals are explicated through competencies identified by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for all accredited social work education programs. Successful achievement of the competencies are assessed each year for both the BASW program and the MSW program.

Community Advisory Committee

The TTU Social Work Program elicits community input through its Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is made up by about 12 individuals in the community who practice social work or have an invested interest in the TTU Social Work Program. The CAC provides feedback and suggestions based on their understanding of the program, the needs of the community, and their experience with both current students and graduates of the program. The CAC functions according to bylaws.

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