Texas Tech University

Communications/Public Relations

  • The Communications/Public Relations Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of five members.
  • The duties of the committee shall be to plan and coordinate activities at which University staff employees can meet their senators and learn about Staff Senate projects.
  • The committee shall serve as the public relations agent of the Staff Senate, and work with the news media and human resources areas to publicize the Staff Senate and its endeavors.
  • The committee shall serve as the editor and publisher of the Staff Insider (Staff Senate Newsletter).
  • The chair of the committee shall serve as the public information officer of the Staff Senate. As such, the Chair shall approve public notices concerning the Staff Senate or its activities, seeking advice from the Executive Board or other Staff Senate members as appropriate to ensure consistency and accuracy of information.
  • The committee shall handle all acknowledgements sent from the Staff Senators to members and others as specified.
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  • Lindsey Crowley-Scott (Clerical and Secretarial)


  • April Narbaez (Clerical and Secretarial)
  • Jeramey Gillilan (Other Professionals)
  • Joann Wright (Other Professionals)
  • Ryan Bain (Other Professionals)

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