Texas Tech University


The duties of the Elections Committee shall be to handle all nomination and election procedures in accordance with Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution. The Election Committee shall solicit nominations each spring for the Staff Senate by an open nomination process from current staff employees and/or the committee. No member's name shall be listed on the official ballot without that person's consent. The Election Committee must receive nominations no later than April 15. The Election Committee shall insure that there are at least two individuals nominated for each position. The Election Committee and the Personnel Department will verify eligibility of all nominations.

In May of each year, the Election Committee shall conduct an election by preparing/distributing to the staff an official ballot containing names and information of all approved candidates. Ballots will be counted under the supervision of the Election Committee and the results of the election will be announced by the president or by the Election Committee. Ballots will be retained for 60 days following public notification of election results. After that time they will be disposed of properly. Results can be contested only during the 60 day period.

The Elections Committee shall be composed of one Senator from each EEO classification to be chosen by a majority vote of those Senators present of each EEO classification at the first regularly-scheduled meeting of each year where official business is conducted.


Chair (s)

  • Rachel Steinberg (Other Professionals)


  • Angela Chisum (Other Professionals)
  • Clara Elliot (Other Professionals)
  • Heather Johnson (Other Professionals)
  • Morgan Hyman (Other Professionals)

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