Texas Tech University


The duties of the Committee shall be to seek and recommend nominations for appointments to internal, external, and University committees, as deemed necessary in accordance with Article V, Section 1 of the Constitution. If a vacancy or resignation occurs on a staff senate standing committee, the Board shall appoint a new member according to the Nomination Committee's recommendations.

The Nominations Committee shall be composed of one Senator from each EEO classification to be chosen by a majority vote of those Senators present of each EEO classification at the first regularly-scheduled meeting of each year where official business is conducted. If no Senators of the EEO classification present are able to serve on the Nominations Committee, the President may appoint committee members from within the EEO classification.

The chair of the Nominations Committee shall be appointed by the President. The chair shall have a committee meeting report to be presented at all Board and Senate meetings. The chair shall prepare a written yearly summation of the committee's activities to be presented at the May Board and June Senate meetings. These reports shall be made available to all Senators and filed in the Committee Binder.



  • Brandy Ganus (Other Professionals)


  • Heather Johnson (Other Professionals)
  • Vanessa Salazar (Clerical and Secretarial)

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