Texas Tech University

Annette Hernandez Uddameri, PhD

Associate Director // Associate Professor
Whitacre College of Engineering

Email: annette.hernandez@ttu.edu

Annette Hernandez is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the Whitacre College of Engineering and an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering. Her area of research includes sustainable watershed management through the development of scientifically rigorous consensus-driven decision making tools, the role of uncertainty regarding conceptualizations and climate change, and technology transfer across international boundaries. Dr. Hernandez worked with Engineers Without Borders and as such has led students into Panama and Brazil. She has mentored undergraduate and graduate students doing research on managing point and non-point streams as both sources of freshwater and stresses on ecologically sensitive areas. Her students have won awards on the national level. Dr. Hernandez published research focuses on inclusive management of water resources and engineering education. Dr. Hernandez has been recognized both internally and externally for her efforts in teaching and research.
Dr. Annette Hernadez Uddameri