Texas Tech University

STEM CORE Executive Council

The Executive Council includes stakeholders who provide K-12 or informal STEM education within the community and on the TTU campus. There is no set number of members of the Executive Council, but each member must have an affiliation not related to STEM CORE. If you are interested in being a part of the Executive Council, please email STEM CORE.  

The group will meet quarterly and members will:

  • Act as an advisory body concerning issues related to general STEM education and informal STEM practices within the community
  • Serve as liaisons between the TTU campus and the broader community
  • Help evaluate the efficacy and utility of proposed K-12 outreach and education activities, especially those proposed for grants
  • Aid TTU faculty and staff in matters of STEM outreach, education, and research
  • Provide outreach and educational opportunities for TTU faculty and staff involved in grant and grant writing activities
  • Participate in at least one STEM CORE related activity per year


Current STEM CORE Executive Council Members